PSF antics deteriorating game

Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) creates confusions itself and invites troubles one after another. The latest saga of highly non-professional attitude was noticed during the CAS Junior Squash Championship, in which 12 players have the same date of births, which is 19-06-2002. The most interesting thing to note that the PSF documents is showing a player Sameer Fraz of KPK with same date of birth of the year 2002 while the hilarious fact is his parents got married in the 2003, which shows the negligence on part of the PSF. There are also five other players with same birth date 14-10-2002.

The 12 players having same date of births are Haris Qasim, Farhan Hashmi, Hassan Ali, Uzair Raja, M Asad Ullah, Salman Khan and Hassan Gul from Punjab, Zeeshan Malik, Mavia Hussain, Abdul Ahad, Sameer Fraz and Abdullah Mehmood from KPK while the five players, who are born on 14-10-2002, are Rayan Ali, Nabeel Ahmed, Mujtaba and Bilal Khan from Sindh and Tamour Hassan from Punjab.

How could it be possible that boys are born on same dates and all are avid fan of the squash and taking it up professionally? It is very much clear the federation doesn’t bother to look into this matter of grave importance, as the future of squash rest on the shoulders of these kids, who will one day represent Pakistan at international stage. Even though, they managed to get away from the eyes of the PSF as far as their exact age is concerned, how they will befool the PSA authorities as they will get the boot, which will further diminish the image of the country

The handling of matters in running the PSF affairs is causing not only embarrassment for itself but also bringing a bad name to the country. The federation always stressed on the so-called scrutiny of the players and deprived the genuine contenders of their due rights and encouraged those who have strong backings. Instead of wasting time on giving tall claims, PSF secretary Abdul Wahab Marwat should focus on streamlining the sorry state of affairs of the federation.

The PSF even declared genuine players overage despite they were cleared by reputed laboratories after going through age tests. That’s exactly happened in the case of Tayyab Aslam, Ali Bukhari and others who were declared overage by the Punjab Squash Association (PSA), but the kids went through tests in Shaukat Khanum Hospital and got the clean chit and then produced wonders for the country in the Junior Asian Team Squash Championship in Korea by winning gold medal. Had these boys accepted the PSA verdict and sit back at home, who would have represented the country? The answer is very simple as some certain elements don’t want to see Pakistan going back to the same heights in the world of squash, which once they were enjoying.

In the past too, the infighting between the federation and associations with the players cost the careers of many talented players who stopped playing the game at the peak of their careers. There are many examples of such players, but the two immediate names which needed to be mentioned here are Yasir Butt, who at one stage was flying high in both national and PSA rankings and was comfortably occupying 57 PSA spot and the second one was Waqar Mahboob, who was also in PSA top 100 list. But both these players got frustrated with the behaviour of the federation and decided to apply their trade in US. It is not only a great loss for the federation and the country but also for the players who suffered the most.

Now there are some other top ranked Pakistan players who are also thinking on the same lines, as despite several promises made to them by the federation, nothing in reality was done.

If they will continue leaving the country in the same way, who will represent Pakistan in international events and who will be responsible if such episode happens? Who will make the federation and some certain individuals responsible who are working against the cause of the country?