Relative file lawsuit against Jamaican nurse

The relatives of an American man are claiming that a Jamaican born nurse married her patient so she can get a green card and then hastened his death to get his properties worth an estimated US$1.5 million.

In a law suit filed in the New York Supreme Court, the relatives of Garth Lewis, 67, allege that his marriage to caregiver Janet Lloyd was a sham and that she “was directly responsible” for the diabetes-stricken man’s death because she didn’t care for him properly.

But Lloyd, a 47-year-old mother of five, who lives in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, furiously denied the allegations.

“I did not cause my husband’s death, and the doctors know that,” she told reporters, adding “they said our relationship wasn’t intimate. Does this look intimate to you?” as she showed a photo of Lewis and her engaged in a sexual act.

Relatives said Lewis, also of Flatbush, died February 26 of a heart attack, and that he and Lloyd had been married for only a year.

In the lawsuit, the family claimed that Lewis’ death “was premature and orchestrated by (Lloyd), whose sole purposes were to marry (Lewis) in order to obtain her green card and to deplete his assets.

“Lloyd “never acted as, nor was, a wife in reality to ([Lewis”, “the relatives alleged.

The court documents revealed that Lewis’ mother, Eileen, and cousin, Shirley Cleardawn-Lewis, are also battling Lloyd’s efforts to have Lewis cremated, because the family “strongly believes that preventing cremation is critical to determine the cause of (Lewis) death and to prevent other men from experiencing the same fate.

“The nature of (Lloyd’s) profession , nursing,provides her access to knowledge of ending a life based upon the diseases being untreated and the proper medication not properly administered,” the relatives claimed in the lawsuit. The relatives said Lewis and Lloyd had met when she became his nurse.

“He needed particular medical care; he needed to be fed properly and at certain definite times during the day,” they alleged in the lawsuit. (Lloyd) did not properly administer the necessary treatment.”

Lloyd said Lewis’ relatives “aim is to take over the three residential Brooklyn buildings that he owned, with a market value of about half-million US dollars each. “They are crazy,” Lloyd told reporters crying, disclosing that a cousin had introduced her to Lewis.

“When I met him, I was married, so we couldn’t have a relationship,” she added, stating that she was about to return to Jamaica for good, when Lewis begged her to remain in the US. Lloyd’s first husband, a police officer was reportedly shot dead in Jamaica.