Speakers call for amending law to firmly check child marriages

The Speakers of a seminar on “Welfare of girls”, organised by HANDS and other social welfare organisations at Deputy Commissioner’s Office Matiari on Friday have demanded amendment in Child Marriage Bill and making it more effective to prevent the child marriage in all sense.

They demanded the protection of the rights of children and to convert the bill into a welfare bill for children. They also demanded complete ban on the marriage of girls having an age below 18 years.

General Secretary HANDS Bilqees Rehman said that child marriage not only affect the health of children, but pushes them in psychological problems as well.

She said that child marriage has become a serious social issue of the country that needs much attention to get it resolved. She said the coming generation of the country depends upon a healthy mother which could give birth to healthy children for a healthy and disciplined society.

She demanded for giving severe punishment to the parents, who are responsible for child marriage.

The other speakers said that in rural area not only child marriage is taking place but innocent girls are being sold out as compensation of the personal sins of the parents.

They termed this act as a great violation of the human rights and demanded that the age of 18 years be fixed for marriage of girls and action taken against those who violate this law.

The Additional Deputy Commissioner-II Hyderabad Farakh Bashir and other government officers, workers of NGOs, elite citizens attended the seminar.