In the wake of climate change, water and food security have become important issues and that Pakistan is facing water variability.

This was stated here on Tuesday by an activist of a non-government organisation (NGO) Hisaar Foundation, Amina Siddiqui. The Foundation is working for water, food and livelihood security.

She was of the view that as population increases the climate change also affected the per capital availability of water for food.

Amina was of the view that today Pakistan’s population is 190 million people, half of whom are food and water insecure and one-third are below the poverty line.

The situation needs to change and one can help contribute towards changing it.

It was pointed out that Hisaar Foundation, established in 2000 is a volunteer based organisation working in the water, food and livelihood sector across the nation. Its vision is to balance environment with development through innovation and achieve its vision by promoting appropriate policies and creative, low cost solutions for conservation in water, food, livelihood security and climate issues in Pakistan.

In its efforts to meet the challenges of water, food and livelihood security facing Pakistan and work towards providing safe drinking water, conservation solutions and awareness raising to change behavioral patterns and promoting home based food production as a means of contributing towards food security, Hisaar Foundation held a fund-raiser titled ‘Adding Rhythm to Life’ at a local hotel.

In recognition of Hisaar Foundation’s contribution in social uplift of the marginalised communities across Pakistan and as a show of support to the Foundation’s commitment in the social development sector, over 500 people from all walks of life attended the fund-raiser and were enthralled by a captivating performance by Farid Ayaz Qawwal and Humnawa, it was further stated.

On the occasion, Chair Hisaar Foundation, Zohair Ashir lauded the contribution of the corporate sector, philanthropist and individuals and appreciated their support in helping the Foundation to meet the challenges of water, food, livelihood and the effects of climate change.