780 out of 100000 women die during delivery

Media should play its role about rights of women so that excesses with women are redressed.

These views were expressed by RAHNUMA Family Planning Association of Pakistan activists at a workshop here Friday. They included FPAP Coordinator Mushtaq Channa, Dr Amir Bakhsh and District Coordinator Ashraf Kakar.

They said several problems were being developed in Balochistan about health of mother and child. No attention was being paid on their health. With the result, large number of women die during delivery. They said 780 out of one hundred thousand women die during delivery in Pakistan while 8 in English and 5 in Japan.

They said 40 percent delivery cases are held at homes in which 27 percent mother die because midwife and others are not skilled.

They said there is no health or education policy in Balochistan. A law of 1912 was in existence in the province which does not bar early marriages before 18 years. A similar law exists in our neighbouring countries India and Iran. Islam has order given two years time about health of mother and child so that she could pay attention on her child.

They said media should pay attention in this regard and disseminate a good message about it so that rights given to women by Islam they could work according to them.