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Akhtar Mengal Public meeting


We want to make it clear upon our friends that Balochistan cannot be liberated by their way. BNP has always spoken to rulers and establishment by eye to eye about rights of the province. Those levelling allegations upon us should first see at themselves. One must not think he would impose his decisions at gun point upon us. We have not shed out blood for power. He was smelling blood of his people yet.

These views were expressed by President Balochistan National Party Sardar Akhtar Mengal while addressing a big public meeting at Hockey ground upon his return here Sunday after ending five years of self exiled life abroad.

Senior Vice President Dr Jahan Zeb Jamaldini, Malik Abdul Wali Kakar, Sana Baloch, Sajid Tareen and others also spoke.

So long there is Balochistan there will be BNP. Those lauding five years of democratic rule should see how Baloch people spent 65 years. Pakistani agencies did not give us anything but disappointment.

He said there is no power on earth to eliminate name of Balochistan form world map. Those saying ‘Sab se pehly Pakistan’ also shed blood in Balochistan. We received nothing except dead bodies by clamant of democracy during the past five years.

What we got during this period it is not demoralized us nor would be so. Every method was adopted to weaken BNP. Our morale enhanced to the struggle of workers. We would not allow anyone to shed blood in Balochistan anymore. We want to see Baloch, Pashtoon, Hazara and other nations lives safe. We have not come to contest elections in Balochistan. If people decided we would boycott the elections.

He made it clear that if efforts were not made to stop dead bodies in the province we would not respect Parliament. It is our demand our workers should be freed. We put forth our demands before the government and would contest elections on the same condition or parliament is for those who remain in power every time. We want to tell our friends the way they wanted to see Balochistan independent that it is not achieved in this way. We respect their sacrifices but our sacrifices should also not be ignored. Dead bodies were lifted but we are unable to pick more bodies. We did not go to parliament on any one’s instigation nor are we frightened of any one. If we are frightened we are frightened of dignity of our mothers and sisters.

He said military operation started during Pervez Musharraf’s period and those who hurled threats he wanted to tell them today this lashkar would defend Balochistan.

He aid situation in Balochistan for the last 10 to 12 years are going worse and situation is not ripe for holding elections there.