Ansip praised the Estonian electric cars programme in St Petersburg

Estonian prime minister Andrus Ansip praised at the meeting of heads of states of the Council of the Baltic Sea States the Estonian electric cars programme, Public Broadcasting reports.

Ansip said that protection of the Baltic Sea and its region is a common aim and obligation of countries and listed the spheres in which Estonia's achievements are remarkable.

Ansip pointed out the development of renewable energy in Estonia and in the sphere of saving energy, he pointed out as an example the use of funds, earned from selling excess pollution quota, for renovation of more than 800 private and 500 public buildings and 145 km of central heating grids to reduce heating loss.

Ansip shared with the heads of governments of Baltic Sea states Estonia's experiences in use of electric cars, noting that Estonia is now on the second position after Norway in the ratio of electric cars to other cars and the first state in the world where a national electric cars' speed charging network has been launched.

"Currently more than 600 electric cars move on Estonian roads," said Ansip. "We have created a support system also to inspire people to buy such a car. We should achieve it that cars using electric energy could ride in the whole Baltic Sea region."

Ansip invited participants of the forum to visit Estonia to learn more about the electric cars programme. Ansip stressed, in conclusion, that problems connected to the Baltic Sea can only be solved with joint efforts of all the states of the region and in cooperation of the public and private sector.