Assad warns of regional repercussions due to ongoing disturbances in Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has warned against the wide-scale repercussions of the ongoing disturbances in Syria, saying they would affect the regional countries for years.

The president's comments were made during a televised interview with the Turkish Ulusal TV and Aydinlik newspaper and was carried by Syria's pro-government TVs Saturday evening.

"Everybody knows that if a disturbance in Syria occurred and reached the point of fragmenting the country, or being taken control by the terrorist groups; or in both cases, this situation would directly spread to the neighboring countries at first and then to far countries in the Middle East by the domino effect," Assad said.

Asked about Turkey's role in the Syrian crisis, Assad lashed out at the Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

"The Erdogan's government is involved in the Syrians' blood and Erdogan hasn't said a single true word since the crisis in Syria has begun," Assad said.

Regarding the recent Arab League's (AL) move to grant Syria's seat to the western-backed exiled opposition, Assad underscored the lack of legitimacy in the Arab bloc.

He said the AL can't grant legitimacy or strip it from someone, adding that the move was "symbolic" because legitimacy can't be given by organizations or groups.

As for the recent rumors about his whereabouts or well-being, Assad slammed all rumors and stressed that he lives in Syria, not on a Russian warship or in Iran.

Rumors have recently spread about an assassination attempt against the president, while others claimed that he lives atop a Russian warship or in Iran, his main allies.