CIS Foreign Ministers Council discusses documents aimed to boost cooperation

The CIS Foreign Ministers Council held on April 5 in Tashkent discussed a broad range of integration cooperation, considered draft documents aimed to boost humanitarian and security cooperation.

The Foreign Ministers discussed implementation of the plan of multi-level ministerial consultations and approved the plan of consultations between the Foreign Ministries for 2013. They also approved the provision on the advisory council of consular services of the CIS Foreign Ministries.

The attendees of the event discussed draft agreements on reciprocal recognition of higher and vocational education certificates, action plan for implementation of physical education and sport strategy for 2013-2015, the action plan for cooperation in the sphere of education during 2013-2015.

Draft concept of cooperation in fight against cyber crimes, agreement on establishment of joint groups of border specialists to rapidly respond to border security threats.

Upon incorporation of the comments and suggestions made at the session of the CIS Foreign Ministers Council, the approved drafts of documents will be submitted for consideration of the Councils of Heads of State and Government of the CIS Countries.