Concerted efforts from various sectors of economy needed to root out corruption from society

Concerted efforts from the various sectors of the economy is needed to root out corruption from society, the Deputy Director of the Anti-Corruption Commision (ACC), Erna van der Merwe has said.

Van der Merwe made the remarks here yesterday during a consultative meeting on the development of an anti-corruption strategy with representatives from various government ministries, local authorities and the private sector.

The ACC Deputy Director said there is a great need for the various sectors of society such as the civil society, private sector, media and the general public to take on the fight against corruption as a unit.

She said the fight to rid the country of graft cannot be left to Government and the ACC alone, as corruption often takes place at grassroots levels and is often not detected early enough by these structures.

Van der Merwe said despite being a signatory to various protocols and having ratified prominent instruments against corruption, corruption still eats away at the economic fibre of the country.

In this regard, the ACC has introduced a National Anti-Corruption Strategy which will seek to encourage the participation of all levels of governance and the general public in the fight against corruption.