DVO-DTI 11 monitoring 370 helmet stores

The Dept. of Trade and Industry here is monitoring 370 establishments selling helmets after the implementation of Helmet Law early January this year.

Republic Act 10054 or the Helmet Law, "an act mandating all motorcycle riders to wear standard protective motorcycle helmets while driving," was fully implemented last Jan, 3, 2013.

Rachel Remetio, DTI’s head of the Consumer Welfare and Trade Regulation Division, said they conduct the monitoring to ensure that all helmets sold in the market are certified and bear the Import Commodity Clearance stickers.

She said the monitoring is also intended to run after those who sell helmets with fake ICC marks, but added no complaints have been reported yet to her office as of Friday. "If there is any, maybe, it has been resolved in the field office level," she said.

Personnel from the field offices of DTI are the ones who conduct a region-wide monitoring on the retailers of helmet. Those found to be selling helmets with falsified ICC markings will be meted P25,000. No exemption is imposed on retailers, Remetio said.

"Even if retailers will say they just get it from a distributor, that's not an excuse. The fact that they sell it, they are responsible for that," she added. Earlier, DTI issued an advisory, warning consumers of seven brands, which possibly bear fake ICC stickers.

These are Ben 2, KH, NSS, Oscar, Cobra, Pioneer and 2A. Remetio said helmets with fake ICC stickers, or with none at all, are uncertified and that cannot ensure quality standards.