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Extinguisher that can be thrown into fire launched


Faisal International has launched a fire extinguisher, the first of its kind in Oman, which can be thrown into a fire to put it out.

In an event held at International College of Engineering and Management on Sunday, live demonstrations of the extinguisher from Bonex, named Flame Out FR911, were given. Volunteers from the audience could test the device.

Rajagopal Ramesh, marketing manager, Faisal International - the official dealers for Bonex in Oman, said, “The objective of launching the user-friendly and eco-friendly throw-type fire extinguishers is to offer the public a better option to fight fires in their initial stages.”

Flame Out FR911 is a Japanese made eco-friendly extinguisher with a shelf life of five years. It is light and easy to carry, weighing only 600g. A fire is extinguished by throwing the plastic bottle into the flames from a distance. A bottle contains 510ml of active substances, which remove oxygen.

The company says Flame Out FR911 can extinguish types A, B, and C fires almost immediately. The audience was guided on how to use the extinguisher using live demonstrations.

The bottle can either be thrown directly into the fire or the substance can be diluted with water and then used to douse the flames. Diluting the contents expands the capacity of the extinguisher but reduces its shelf life to 24 hours.

According to Bonex officials, the extinguisher is certified in a number of countries like Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Turkey, Qatar, Kuwait and Oman. In Korea, the installation of this extinguisher was made mandatory at centres for children and elderly in 2006. Flame Out FR911 is available at Faisal International and The Sultan Center in Qurm.