Flood forces thousands to evacuate in S Kalimantan

Thousands of people fled their homes as flood swept part of Hulu Sungai Selatan district in South Kalimantan on Monday.

The flood, triggered by heavy rains all day long Sunday, inundated almost all parts of the district, spokesman of the local rescue team Fathur said.

The flood hit the hardest several parts of the district, forcing the evacuation of residents to higher ground, he said.

"Almost all residents of Nagara sub-district have been evacuated to Kandangan area after part of the subdistrict was submerged by one-meter deep flood water," he said.

The flood also inundated Kandangan town, forcing part of its residents to evacuate to mosques and buildings located on higher ground, he said.

He said the flood came all of a sudden at around 8 p.m. on Sunday, making most of the residents unable to save their property. Monday`s flood which inundated almost all parts of the district is the biggest in the past few years. The flood also damaged a suspension bridge in Kandangan Ulu area, cutting off access to the area.

Almost all activities in flood-hit areas were paralyzed, with the local government focusing its activities on helping flood victims.