ISLAMABAD: The Sensitive Price Index-based inflation fell 0.19 per cent for the week ending on April 4 as compared to the previous week largely driven by slight decrease in the price of oil and essential perishable food items.

he prices of petrol, diesel and LPG witnessed slight decrease from April 1 which led to decline in weekly inflation, suggested data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics released on Friday.

The inflation showed slight decline following an upward trend for the past four consecutive weeks.

The decrease in prices was for all income groups.

SPI monitors prices of 53 items based on the survey of17 cities and 53 markets.

Out of these the prices of 11 goods rose, 19 items declined while 23 items remained unchanged during the week.

The price of food items which increased are: onions 12.55pc, tomatoes 0.94pc, garlic 0.67pc, rice irri-6 0.47pc, masoor pulse washed 0.32pc, and cooking oil 0.11pc.

The non-food items which increased are: lawn 0.94pc, long cloth 1.74pc, shirting 0.39pc and georgette 0.28pc, respectively.

The egg, sugar, red chillies powdered, bananas, gram pulse washed, wheat flour, LPG 11 KG cylinder, wheat, kerosene oil, mustard oil, petrol, diesel, potatoes, moong pulse washed, chicken, veg ghee loose, firewood, gur and mash pulse washed.