Kazakhstan and China to resolve issues related to transboundary rivers

Kazakhstan and China will solve the issues related to transboundary rivers, Tengrinews.kz reports citing President Nazarbaev as saying following the talks with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

“Mr. Xi Jinping stated that China would never do anything to the detriment of Kazakhstan’s economy. The issues related to trans-boundary rivers will be solved through negotiations. We have agreed to launch an ad-hoc working group”, President Nazarbaev said.

“A second important issue is grain exports from Kazakhstan (…) We have agreed to launch a joint exemplary crops production facility to implement the best selection practices. It is of great importance to Kazakhstan”, President Nazarbaev said.

Another important issue on the agenda was construction of a terminal at the Lianyungang sea port. According to Mr. Nazarbaev, the project will enable Kazakhstan to have an access to the Pacific region, reducing the way 3.5 times. He added that all the other issues will be solved during the official visit of Xi Jinping to Kazakhstan in the H1 2013.

“I believe we have reiterated strategic and economic cooperation, personal trust and personal friendship (…) Besides, we have received confirmation from the Chinese side that the Bozoi - Shymkent gas pipeline much awaited in the South of Kazakhstan will be completed this coming October. It is a vital piece of news for the Southern regions of Kazakhstan”, President Nazarbaev elaborated.

“Today 8000 Kazakhstan’s citizens study in China, these people are a great help to the bilateral cooperation”, President Nazarbaev said.