Mandela discharged from hospital: S.African Presidency

Former South African President Nelson Mandela was discharged from hospital on Saturday following a sustained and gradual improvement in his general condition, South African Presidency said. "The former President will now receive home based high care," the presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj said.

President Jacob Zuma thanked the hard-working medical team and hospital staff for looking after Mandela "so efficiently," said Maharaj. "He also extended his gratitude to all South Africans and friends of the Republic in Africa and around the world for support, " Maharaj said.

Mandela, 94, was re-admitted to an unidentified hospital on March 27 due to the recurrence of his lung infection. This was the third time Mandela was hospitalized since December last year when he was hospitalized for 18 days for a lung infection and gallstones.

On March 9, Mandela was admitted to a hospital in Pretoria for a scheduled medical check-up to manage existing conditions in line with his age. He was discharged one day later. Mandela served as South African president from 1994 to 1999. He had spent 27 years in prison before elected the first president in the country after the end of apartheid.

His lung problem was the result of tuberculoisis developed when he was in prison. Mandela's failing health has been the focus of attention in the past recent years.