Medvedev predicts "improved relations" with Estonia

The Russian prime minister, Dmitri Medvedev, said at a press conference on Friday in St. Petersburg, before meeting with the Estonian prime minister, Andrus Ansip, that he believes the two states can improve relations, Delfi reports.

"I will have a meeting with my Estonian colleague tonight. We looked with Ansip that our trade reaches billions of dollars, which is not little," said Medvedev. "When ideological differences of opinions are left aside, it is possible to give an impetus to other relations, for example economic ones. I believe that we will do that."

Medvedev did not cite any obstacles in the relations between the two states and said that interests of the people of both states are the basis of bilateral relations. "It is important for people to benefit from it," he said.

Medvedev admitted that the political relations between Estonia and Russia are not the best and in certain spheres are even frozen. "In some places something is frozen, in some places we cannot find a reaching point... Everything has to be done so that these relations would develop in a stable way and that citizens of our states could use the fruits of the cooperation," Medvedev said, as reported by Postimees Online.

Dmitri Medvedev and Andrus Ansip meet Friday evening at the Baltic Sea States prime ministers' environmental conference in St Petersburg. This is the first planned bilateral meeting of Estonian and Russian prime ministers after several years.