Novaliches hospital conducts free tule, other medical services to mark 15th anniversary

A total of 70 young boys flock the Novaliches General Hospital (NGH) to avail off the service of an ‘Operation Tule’ (free circumcision) on Saturday.

The ‘Operation Tule’ is one among the free community services being rendered by NGH, a private hospital in Novaliches, Quezon City to extend health assistance for the indigent citizens from other neighboring barangays wherein the said hospital is situated.

NGH, began its commitment to render health community service by launching free circumcision, free medical check-up and distributions of free medicines to the less fortunate citizens of Novaliches fifteen years ago, according to Dr. Ferdinand Tan, an ophthalmologist and NGH Medical Director.

“Every year we have been serving the community and its neighboring barangays by launching free medical services like Operation Tule, Diabetic and Cataract Screening, Pre-natal and OB Gyne Check-up, Hypertension-Cholesterol Exams, Bone Scanning, Anemia Screening, Pedia, ENT, PT, Derma consultation and Dental Check-up,” Dr. Tan cited.

“That is a part of our celebration of our yearly anniversary. We are now on our 15th year,” added Dr. Tan. He also added that every year those who lined-up to avail of their free medical services and check-ups are increasing.

“Aside from the 70 kids who availed off the free circumcision, we also had served almost 1,000 indigent patients who availed off free medicines, medical consultation and other medical services since this morning,” Dr. Tan added.

Many parents who availed themselves off the free circumcision for their kids and other medical services expressed gratitude for the social health commitment being given by NGH.

The free medical services and medicines they provide every year really helped a lot, especially the poor ones. I hope that other private hospitals in other places will replicate it to enable other poor communities get the same free service, said Christina Pascua, a resident of Novaliches.