Official reserve assets of Lithuania down in March 2013

At the end of March 2013, official reserve assets of Lithuania made up 19.5 billion litas (5.6 billion euros); they decreased by 4.2 billion litas, or 17.6 percent, in March and decreased by 1.2 billion litas, or 5.9 percent, during twelve months, the Bank of Lithuania reported.

Such changes in the official reserve assets in March were influenced by the 4.1 billion litas decrease in central government deposits with the Bank of Lithuania. The reserves decreased additionally on account of the 206.9 million litas less external liabilities of the Bank of Lithuania, as well as 193.4 million litas in other factors.

The decrease in the official reserve assets was in part compensated by the 210.6 million litas growth in the deposits of other MFIs with the Bank of Lithuania, the 155.6 million litas increase in currency in circulation and the 6.5 million litas hike in the value of Special Drawing Rights.