Political instability is hurting Egypt, says UAE paper

There is a serious crisis in Egypt one that is manifesting itself in many areas and ways. Unquestionably, the country today is in dire need of stability if any progress is to be made.

"The issues facing Egypt are grave; unless viable, practical and intelligent decisions are made, the country will face turbulent times for years to come," said English language local daily, Gulf News, in its editorial on Sunday..

It added a team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has arrived in Egypt to discuss and negotiate the terms and conditions of a much-needed loan that amounts to around $4.8 billion. "This is critical for the government as it extends a lifeline to many of its entities, which will ensure that services and duties are carried out," the paper said.

In return, however, it continued the IMF is asking for major reductions in subsidies on various items if it is to approve the desperately-needed loan. Such cuts will be akin to swallowing a bitter pill for millions of ordinary Egyptians who will bear the brunt.

"But this economic dilemma is only one part of the crisis facing Egypt today. On other fronts, the government of President Mohammad Mursi has created numerous enemies and stirred public opinion to stand against it. For instance, the recent summoning of a satirical comedian and the numerous lawsuits filed against him has highlighted the question of free speech in Egypt," the paper commented.

It also shed light on how intolerable the government has become when it comes to dealing with opinion that stands in contradiction to its policies or line of thinking.

"The recent developments in Egypt are alarming and raise great concern over the future of the country. It is not about the performance of the government as much as its failure to bring the people together and set the pace for attaining a solid democratic system," the paper said.

Having said that, it concluded, "there is a great expectation as much as a grave responsibility for the government to step up its act to the level of the people's aspirations."