Whole world has turned against North Korea - Latvian ambassador to NATO

The entire international community has turned against North Korea; if North Korean leader Kim Jong-un does not stop, North Korea may end up in complete isolation, Latvian Ambassador to NATO Maris Riekstins told the LNT morning show "900 sekundes" today.

NATO has not held any discussions on the North Korea issue and the United States, which carry out all required precaution measures in regard to North Korea's intensifying threats, have not requested the alliance's advice or help, said Riekstins.

Asked whether these North Korean threats can be compared to the previous ones, Riekstins pointed out that they are personified with North Korea's new leader Kim Jong-un, who has gone so far in his threats and promises that he may not be able to "keep his face" without going further. In this case, South Korea or the United States could consider this as overstepping the red lines of the armistice.

North Korea early Thursday morning issued a new threat, declaring that nuclear strikes on U.S. targets have now been authorized and that “the moment of explosion is approaching fast.”