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Concert VII: Mahlers Fifth will be performed by Philharmonic Orchestra


Get swayed by classical music pieces as the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra performs “Concert VIII: Mahlers Fifth” for its 30th Season on April 19. This will be the season finale performance of the orchestra that will be conducted by Maestro Olivier Ichanine.

They will perform pieces from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Overture to Cosi Fan Tutte, Gustav Mahlers’ Symphony No. 5 to only name a few. Olivier Ochanine is the resident conductor and music director of the Philharmonic Orchestra.

He had musical degrees in the United States and conducted on numerous events in Manila. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is an Austrian composer who had 41 symphonies, 27 piano concertos, 23 string quartets, 17 piano sonata and seven major operas by the time he died at the age of 35.

His most famous works include Eleine Kleine Nachtmusik, Marriage of Figaro, Symphony No. 40 and Cosi Fan Tutte, a two act opera. Gustav Mahler is an Austrian composer and conductor who had a major influence on 20th century composers.

His famous works includes Songs on the Death of Children, I am Lost to the World and Drummer Boy. For more information please contact 832-1125 or visit