Horse meat found in Lithuanian, Estonian products

The Food and Veterinary Service has received information from the British laboratory Genon Laboratories LTD on the 41 beef samples sent from Latvia.

Genon Laboratories LTD has found horse meat in four of them.

Horse meat traces have been found in Parmesan sausages produced by the Estonian company NOO Cepeskungs and Exclusive sausages from the Lithuanian company Grimeda.

The Food and Veterinary Service has recalled Parmesan sausages from Latvia's stores, Food and Veterinary Service representative Ilze Meistere informs.

Genon Laboratories LTD findings indicate that Exclusive sausages contain nine percent of horse meat, Parmesan sausages - ten percent.

Horse meat was also found in Sauteta liellopu gala canned beef produced by the Latvian company Kursu zeme and kupati sausages from another Latvian company - Forevers. Sauteta liellopu gala contains 15.6 percent of horse meat, Forevers kupati sausages - 4 percent.

Kursu zeme and Forevers have stopped distributing these products. Exclusive sausages are also no longer available in stores.

The Food and Veterinary Service will report its findings to the European Commission's Early Warning System and the respective services in neighbour states.