State Revenue Service collects 1.1% more than planned in taxes in March

The State Revenue Service (SRS) collected LVL 347.12 million in taxes in March - LVL 3.7 million or 1.1 percent more than projected, according to SRS' data.

SRS had planned to collect LVL 343.36 million in taxes in March. Tax revenue in the central government basic budget amounted to LVL 158.98 million, 0.2 percent more than expected. LVL 114.04 million was collected in social insurance contributions, 99 percent of the planned figure. Personal income tax revenue amounted to LVL 73.26 million, LVL 4 million more than anticipated.

Excise tax revenue was LVL 36.46 million, 93.9 percent of the projected figure. Tax on gambling netted LVL 1.3 million to the state budget, 2.5 percent more than expected. Customs tax revenue was LVL 1.57 million, 71.5 percent of the projected figure.