top!" and "Elvi" chains in no rush to ban Estonian sausage under scrutiny

"top!" and "Elvi" grocery stores in Latvia are not rushing to pull from shelves the Estonian-made smoked sausage "Parmezāns" despite the test results showing the presence of horse meat.

However, as "top!" Marketing Director Ilona Buksa, it will halt retail of the product as soon as the Food and Veterinary Service provides specific information. Expiration date for the "Nõo Lihatööstus" company's sausages is April 13.

Buksa was quick to add that "top!" itself has turned to the Estonians, and that the company has a fine reputation.

"Elvi" spokesman Gints Lazdins informed the "" portal that it will not remove "Parmezāns" from shelves, despite orders from the Food and Veterinary Service to do so.

"We have gotten in contact with the producer to find out whether there is anything harmful in this sausage. We will wait for an explanation and assessment. Until then, the product stays put," Lazdins pointed out.

Lazdins added that in this situation, and the ones before, the retailer is in fact "hostage" - i.e. "we sell products trusting what the producer says, then the Food Service announces it contains horse meat, and must be taken out."