UN official urges more help to deal with Syrian refugees in Lebanon

The United Nations special envoy to Lebanon Derek Plumbly stressed Tuesday that the scale of the burden of Syrian refugees in Lebanon "is growing and more resources are needed to assist both the refugees and the communities hosting them."

Plumbly visited a UNHCR center for registering Syrian refugees in southern Lebanon's Tyre accompanied by UNHCR representative in Lebanon Ninette Kelley, and they met "community leaders from the south and discussed with them the needs of refugees in their areas and other communities hosting refugees," according to a statement issued by the UN.

"Mr. Plumbly and Ms. Kelley praised the hospitality shown by the people of the south to the refugees and underlined the United Nations' commitment to working closely with the authorities and the communities," the statement added.

The UN's official added that "the resources presently available do not come close to those needed to support all those in need."

Lebanon has been facing difficulties dealing with the increasingly high number of refugees fleeing Syria's violent uprising against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

The latest UNHCR report showed that the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has passed the mark of 400,000. Lebanon appealed in January for US$ 370 million from Arab countries to help meet the Syrian refugees influx which has threatened to bring the number of the displaced to 420,000 in June.

The UN Higher Commissioner for Refugees Antonio Guterres said that the number of refugees in Lebanon has surpassed 10 percent of its population and it is causing a huge burden on the state and people of Lebanon.