16-year-old arrested for killing 12-year-old

A 16-year-old middle school student has been arrested on suspicion of killing and burying a 12-year-old girl in a rice field in Incheon after attempting to rape her, police said Thursday.

On Wednesday, the unidentified boy allegedly took the elementary school girl, who had a grade 3 learning disability, to a remote commercial building in the city and tried to rape her. His attempt failed as the girl resisted.

After failing to rape her, he took her to a rice field located approximately 500 meters from the elementary school she attended.

He strangled the girl there and buried her in the ground with a shovel he bought at a store before they went to the field. Police found the dead girl covered with a pile of soil in the field.

The girl’s parents informed police their child was missing on Wednesday after she didn’t return home from school. Police checked video footage of surveillance cameras near the school and saw the suspect was with the girl before she disappeared.

Police apprehended the teenager at a hospital early Thursday morning. After killing the girl, the boy went to the hospital, saying he felt something was wrong with his heart.

Police requested the National Forensic Service perform an autopsy on the dead girl to establish the exact cause of death.