AML unveils manifesto

President Awami Muslim League (AML) Sindh Mehfooz Yar Khan Advocate has said that Karachi is the integral part of the country, therefore, the prosperity and development of Pakistan is linked to the stability of the city.

“There is a dire need to eliminate terrorism, extortion, lawlessness, drug peddling and land mafia from economic hub of the country,” he said while unveiling the party manifesto at Karachi Press Club. The manifesto contained following important points; enforcement of Islam & work for its dominance, equal rights for all religious communities, complete protection of minorities, clean the country from terrorism, militancy and violence, special monthly allowance for educated unemployed youth, admission on merit basis in all education institutions, handsome salaries for teachers, access of every poor students to get primary to higher education, minimum wages of labourers Rs 10,000 and increasing the network micro-economic policies & small loans for people in order to produce more sources of jobs for them.

He said distribution of empty lands among farmers would be ensured after coming to power, while creation of special ministry for people to get jobs in foreign countries will ensured. Steps will be taken to provide special training to youth along with education so that they could become good citizens in future.

Special relief packages will also be provided to old citizens in all sectors of life that include medical facilities and establishment of old houses for them besides providing them jobs.

He said, “We want national harmony, brotherhood, restoration of law and order and protection of every citizen." It is necessary for all political and religious parties to play their due role in this regard, he concluded.