APCNGA submits proposals to tame energy crisis

The All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) on Wednesday submitted proposals to Ministry of Petroleum to tame energy crisis that has become a major threat also affecting national growth drastically. Petroleum Minister Sohail Wajahat H. Siddiqui while receiving a detailed presentation from All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) said the government is cognisant of the problems being faced by the CNG sector, however, it must be realised that gas supply is constrained.

Ghayas Paracha Chairman APCNGA apprised the Minister regarding problems being faced by the CNG sector and suggested various options to resolve their problems. Sohail Wajahat assured that there would be no injustice done to CNG sector and the limited amount of gas has to be distributed equitability among consumers. The Minister further said that today’s detailed interaction between the Ministry and the CNG sector is a proof itself that the government is sincere in resolving gas supply problems and series of meetings with other gas consuming sectors including power; fertilizer, textile and others would also be convened very shortly.

Sohail Wajahat emphasised that there would be no favouritism in provision of gas and supply would only be based on efficiency and returns to the government. Moreover, the Minister said that consumers should also realise that gas is a precious resource and urged that it should be used with care and wastage be avoided. In this regard, MD’s of both Sui Companies have already been directed to control UFG as top priority.

In a statement Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha, presented proposals to Sohail Wajahat Siddiqui during a meeting in which he said that implementation of these proposals will not only reduce loadshedding but boost power production by 1000 MW.

The proposals, if implemented will also enable gas distribution companies to provide additional natural gas to CNG, industry, power and fertilizer sectors, he said. Paracha said that using quality heaters and geysers, installing energy saving devices in these gadgets and enhancing efficiency of gas consuming industry will save a lot of natural gas.

He said that heavy amount of flare gas is being wasted at gas fields which can be utilised by CNG sector while equalising tariff will boost government revenue and reduce consumption. Meeting also compared CNG with other gas consuming sectors and it was observed that all sectors but CNG operates round the clock or six days a week and they are not bound to use a specific quantity of gas. Similarly, CNG sector is not allowed to use diesel generators or store gas, it was noted.

Ghiyas Paracha demanded that loadshedding should be reduced by one day, issue of inflated billing should be settled and a joint committee should be formed to settle issue comprising representatives of Ogra, Ministry of Petroleum and APCNGA. He also demanded just distribution of natural gas and permission to import gas. At the occasion, the minister said that gas would be distributed on merit among all consumers.

He said that reducing gas theft is high on his agenda, which will save a lot of gas to be used by domestic users and businesses. He added that inefficient captive power plants would be closed and he would try best to make positive and acceptable guideline for his successors.

Sohail Wajahat said that all sectors would be dealt on merit and that we are in process of just distribution of gas through consultation, which would be announced within few days. Director General (Gas), representatives of SNGPL, SSGCL and senior officers of the Petroleum Ministry also attended the meeting.