Cambodia will not evacuate citizens, diplomatic officials from Korean peninsula: PM

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said Thursday that the country will not evacuate its laborers, students and diplomatic personnel from the Korean peninsula despite recently escalated tensions between the South Korea and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

"It is not only Cambodian people, but also citizens from many countries are in South Korea--laborers, students and diplomatic corps from various countries are in South Korea. No country has pulled out its diplomatic officials from South Korea," the premier said during the inauguration of new achievements at a Buddhist pagoda in eastern Prey Veng province.

"We will not withdraw our diplomatic personnel from either the DPRK or the Republic of Korea," he said. "If there is necessity,we will send our labor and social affairs ministers to South Korea in order to examine safety and contribute to tackling issues on-site for our laborers and students."

He said the government of South Korea will also need to protect its citizens so that Cambodian laborers,students and diplomatic officials will also be a part of their protection.