Case filed at Supreme Court to sack MDP’s 11 MPs

Abbas Adil Riza has filed a case at the Supreme Court of Maldives to issue verdict to remove the opposition Maldivian Democratic Party’s, MDP, 11 members of the Peoples’ Majlis.

Abbas informed Miadhu Daily that the 11 members of MDP have violated and opposed the constitution several times repeatedly.

“They have violated the constitution. The Supreme Court has the jurisdiction to remove them from the membership of the Peoples’ Majlis. The article 74 of the constitution clearly states this,” he said.

Abbas filed the case at a time many members of the Majlis are accused with different criminal charges. The Police are currently investigating many such cases involving members of the Majlis.

In a meeting of the Maldivian National Movement, Abbas said that Majlis should not be used as a safe haven for criminals. He said that members who do not pay their taxes cannot continue to remain as members of the Majlis.