City to construct rain shelters for high value crops

The city council on Tuesday approved the construction of six tropical rain shelter facilities and a small farm reservoir to improve farm production here.

The project is in compliance with the High Value Crops Production Support Program of the Department of Agriculture (DA) and the city government worth P433,400.00.

The city government was a signatory to a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with the DA in the implementation of the project here, Vice Mayor Caesar Ian Acenas said.

Acenas said that the city government would provide 10 percent equity for the construction of the tropical rain shelter facilities and another 10-percent equity for the small farm reservoir.

The tropical rain shelter facilities cost P155,600.00 while the small farm reservoir costs P277,800.00, Acenas added.

He said that the rain shelter facilities would serve as nurseries to propagate a mixture of vegetables seedling for distribution to farmers here while the mini-reservoir provides water for sprinkling.

Acenas said that the project aims to improve production of high value vegetables for farmers as a way of increasing their income.