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Design plays important role in life, economy: experts


Design has played an important role in improving the qualify of life and promoting a more sustainable economic development, design experts told Xinhua Wednesday.

The Green Living Forum, jointly organized by China's Tsinghua University and the New Academy of Fine Arts and Domus Academy, two renowned international schools of design based in Milan, has attracted design professionals from China and Italy.

Italo Rota, scientific director of the two Italian academies, said that innovation and technology are useful to change the behavior of individuals and therefore improve a country's economic and environmental situation.

He said different places were in fact very similar to each other. "I was looking at two identical pictures of cyclists in Beijing and Milan wearing the same protective masks against pollution," he told Xinhua.

Thus, the common need of achieving a better environment while pursuing economic development is a fundamental stimulus for international designers to exchange their knowledge, Rota added.

Zhang Fengchang, a vice president of Tsinghua University, said design has to be put into practice in order to improve the quality of life.

Design was often associated with new ideas, but what counts in the end is the capability of creative talent to transform their eureka moments into useful objects that can benefit the common people, he said.

The forum was also accompanied by the "Being and Doing" exhibition in Milan, a project that presents a variety of creations by students and professors from Tsinghua University and helps international visitors know more about China's design.

Su Dan of Tsinghua University said people from different countries may have quite different understanding on these exhibits, and diverse perspectives encourage them to share their own experience.