Environment authorities crack down on illegal wildlife traders

Environment authorities in Palawan are cracking down on several homes in northern municipalities reportedly being used as storerooms of certain species of illegally marketable wildlife.

Powered by a search warrant issued by Branch 95 of the Palawan Regional Trial Court, the Wildlife Monitoring Unit of the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff and the Roxas Municipal Police searched the home of a certain Joseph F. Deducin, also known as “Pato”, in Barangay 4, Roxas late last week.

The operatives found different kinds of illegally collected endangered wildlife.

Per information received by WTMU, Deducin, is known in his barangay for collecting endangered wildlife and trading them in the black market.

The wildlife catches are reportedly transported to Manila via the town of Taytay in northern Palawan.

But Deducin was not at home when the search warrant was served. Only his wife and children were present.

However, the search led to the discovery and confiscation of 12 hill mynahs, four of which were dead; one long tailed macaque; one grey imperial pigeon; one Palawan bearcat, and one Triton’s trumpet.

Deducin is now wanted by the PCSDS and environment authorities in Roxas. Once found, he will be facing charges for violation of Section 27(f), or collecting, hunting or possessing of wildlife, their by-products and derivatives, which is under the Wildlife Act or Republic Act 9147. A warrant for his arrest has already been issued.