Envoy of Paraguay condemns terrorism and wishes close friendly relations with Pakistan

The Ambassador of Paraguay Ausberto V Rodriguez Jara, Tuesday, said that his country strongly condemned the terrorism and accordingly the drone attacks in Pakistan.

“We respect the sovereignty of every country and human rights all over the world” Ambassador said here while addressing a press briefing.

He also showed his interest in developing mutual relations with Pakistan in the fields of agriculture, trade and industry in particular. He also said that the people of Pakistan and Paraguay have faced every difficulty for democracy with integrity and courage.

It is a positive fact that there will be local elections in Pakistan on 11th of May while in Paraguay the Presidential and Parliamentarian elections will be held on 21st April this year.

While answering the questions of media persons, the Ambassador mentioned that like Pakistan the economy of Paraguay depends on agriculture. Its major agricultural products include cotton, soybean, wheat, corn and rice while the natural products are petroleum, iron precious stones. Our oil seeds can be a product of great interest for the market of Pakistan.

He happily also mentioned that Paraguay is one of the top listed country that produce hydro-electricity and self-sufficient to meet the country electricity requirements.

The ambassador of Paraguay disclosed that his government has taken a categorical decision that if any Pakistani is willing to perform a positive role in the development in the industry and agricultural sector in Paraguay, the government will offer nationality along with free of cost land for establishing industry. In Paraguay there are possibility of Pakistani textile, garments, medical and surgical instruments, sports goods particularly football and food products.

He suggested that Pakistani capital Islamabad and Paraguayans capital Asuncion should be declared twin-cities. Similarly the national airlines of both the countries should finalize a plan by negotiation.

PIA may consider sectors like Dubai-Sao Paulo-Asuncion or Dubai-Asuncion - Asuncion for their flights. There is dire need of planning for cooperation in the sector of literature and arts.

Earlier, Counsel General Kanwar M. Tariq also talked to the media and hoped that both the countries glorious friendship will be considered respectable in the diplomatic circles around the world which will definitely contribute to global peace and development.