First edition of Total Alreyada seminar in Abu Dhabi concludes successfully

Total's first edition of Alreyada, Connecting Young Leaders seminar held in Abu Dhabi, came to a close this week after four days of plenary sessions, workshops and small group discussions amongst 40 young leaders and 10 mentors, males and females, from the Middle East including the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon.

The seminar brought together undergraduate university students and young professionals to create dialogue and discussions following keynote presentations on varied subjects such as "Global Energy Issues and Total's approach in the Middle-East", "Leadership challenges to the regional oil producers", "Sustainable Development in Total" and "Innovation and Energy". These presentations were delivered by high-ranking executives of Total Group and regional oil industry experts.

Two round table panel discussions by thought leaders and experts from a broad spectrum of the industry including medicine and higher education enlightened participants on various aspects, attributes and perspectives of "Talent Development" and "Leaders for tomorrow's world".

As part of the program, six groups of young leaders, mentored by young professionals, brainstormed to develop and present their perspectives on "How to foster long lasting partnership". The groups presented their impressive line-up of ideas to a jury comprising Ali Al Jarwan, CEO, ADMA OPCO; Xavier Preel, Total's Vice President General Affairs - Middle East Division; Jean-Luc Guiziou, Total UAE President and Sultan Al Hajji, Vice President (Institutional Development), Total UAE.

Ali Al Jarwan, head of the jury, awarded the winning presentation with the jury's special prize for innovative ideas. Al Jarwan commended the visionary Alreyada - Connecting Young Leaders seminar for being a true reflection of Total's talented management and professionals.

He added that Total's social responsibility initiatives play a vital role in preparing young students in the Middle East for the future. He expressed special thanks to Jean-Luc Guiziou, Sultan Al-Hajji and Herve Oberreiner, Senior Advisor, Human Capabilities at Total UAE, along with the senior management from Total's headquarters for organizing such a "well-integrated program".

Bringing the seminar to a close, Sultan Al Hajji said, "The outcome of this seminar, which is a social innovation of Total UAE, succeeded well beyond our expectations. Total now has the basis to develop a roadmap on strengthening its sustainable partnership with the host countries, their industrial and community leaders as well as the youth and community. Capacity building of the nationals will be top priority in the community engagement." Jean-Luc Guiziou expressed sincere gratitude to all the presenters and contributors and promised to take the 75 years old legacy of Total in the UAE to the higher realms of partnership by sharing Total's technology and innovation with the host countries.

Thuraya Bagheri of Paris Sorbonne University - Abu Dhabi and AbdulAziz Abahindy of UAE University were selected as Alreyada ambassadors who will be the catalysts for keeping the network thriving and will work closely with Total for the next edition of Alreyada, Connecting Young Leaders.