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Gasim says he finds happiness in serving the people


Jumhooree Party Leader and the party’s Presidential Candidate Gasim Ibrahim has said that he finds happiness in serving the people of Maldives and not in spending his vacation in the Unites States or in any luxurious holiday desitnations.

Gasim, one of the most respected businessmen and philanthropist in the country with a strong populist following amongst the people, made this remark speaking at the campaign rally of the Jumhooree Party held at Meemu Atoll Veyvashu island.

Gasim, who was also the Speaker of the last Constitutional Assembly which passed the current Constitution of the Maldives, said that Allah has granted him enough wealth that he can spend on going for vacations to different expensive holiday destinations but however there is no need in spending the wealth to enjoy his life when the people are suffering.

“I do not take leaves. I am always at the service of the people. I am trying my best to develop this country and the people. In the last 38 years I have been spending the wealth Allah granted me to help the people. I am trying to alleviate the condition of the people in distress. I cannot watch them suffer. The people will know this,” Gasim, the biggest individual spender on health and education long before there was any practical hope of standing for the presidency, said.

In the rally held at Thaajuddeen School by the Jumhooree Party, Gasim said that the post of Presidency is not a bed of roses but a burden upon the shoulder of the President. He said that the President has many great responsibilities and he will be accounted for that.

Meanwhile, Gasim Ibrahim is the most well-known philanthropist among Maldivians. Since he began his business he keeps helping the poor. He helped in many people in many ways. He helped in constructing harbors, dredging harbors, establishing electricity in many islands of Maldives. He donates much on health and education. Gasim funded hundreds of Maldivians for higher education. Many Maldivians got education funds from Gasim and earned Degrees, Master Degrees and PhD’s from Malaysia, Srilanka, Singapore, Australia, Newzeland UK and various other European countries. Most of the graduates were serving in the civil service and private sector. Hundreds of students were presently overseas for their studies, sponsored by Gasim. He is very generous person in helping the poor for their medication. . Those who were not cured from local Hospitals were sent to India, Srilanka and Thailand also. In order to manage the donation, in March 2003, Gasim Ibrahim established philanthropy organization named Villa Foundation, the first and the major philanthropy organization of Maldives.