Inqilab-e-Pakistan launched

Colonel (r) ZI Farrukh’s book “Inqilab-e-Pakistan” was launched on Wednesday. The writer covers social, poetical, economic, religious and other issues in the book. Former foreign secretary Shamshad Ahmed, renowned analyst Mujeebur Rehman Shami, Qayum Nizami, Farrukh Sohail and other known personalities attended the ceremony.

ZI Farukh in his address said that a splendid future was waiting ahead owing to remarkable reforms in political and electoral structure of the country. “People’s choice amid general elections will mark change and a smooth democratic power transition will be constructive for the land”, he underscored. He said that Inqilab-e-Pakistan’s inception was his loyalty with the land. “I want people to stand for a revolution through which they will decide their destiny themselves,” Farukh commended.

He identified a chapter in his book namely “Public Suo Moto”, looking for empowering masses to address demerits in various state’s institutions and to propose reforms for greater welfare adding that people must learn to say “no” to “cruelty” and “absurdity”.

Except authoring his views over politics, religion and war on terror and public protection, the author had put special emphasise over economic parity. He held the suggestion that country direly needed land reforms, an end to status quo; who had been exercising their authority over affairs of poor and middle class people. “Rulers have to adopt innovative trends for agriculture sector thus bringing economic prosperity to majority population, who are directly and indirectly depended over the farming”, he suggest.