Lack of civic amenities makes living conditions worse for inmates

Lack of civic amenities in New Lalazar defence road area has made the living conditions worse for the residents. In this era of 21st century when the man has explored new avenues of development and scientific achievements, the inmates of this area still stand deprived of basic facilities including water supply and graveyard.

Due to non-availability of water supply facility, water crisis has aggravated and the inmates are forced to purchase water tankers at the rates ranging between Rs 700 and Rs 1200 per tanker. The water being supplied through the tankers is not fit for drinking purpose as it is brackish and contaminated.

The residents have to make separate arrangement for fetching water for drinking purpose on rickshaws, taxis and motor cycles by incurring additional expenses out of their own pockets.

“We are low paid employees working in hotels, shops and other small enterprises and we have to spend one quarter of our salaries in purchasing water for drinking purpose and daily use. The vicious price spiral has squeezed last drop of blood from our bodies and the additional expenses on water purchase has plunged us into depths of woes and miseries, said a group of inmates.

There is not a single grave yard located in the area and even no space has been provided by the government for this purpose in this thickly populated locality. The residents pointed out that tract of land lying around Askari-14 is area of shamlat. This may be allocated for grave yard, they demanded.