Loadshedding: fait accompli!

A man from marginalised background is heard saying loadshedding is the best revenge the PPP has inflicted on the masses. But even the elite, including members of the former government, are now getting a first hand experience of the extraordinary shortfall. After all, the onslaught of over 20 hour long blackouts is proving enough to exhaust their generators, emergency batteries as well as UPSs.

One such member of the elite Ahmed Mukhtar: who during his reign as minister for Water and Power might not have seen lights go out, not even for once: is experiencing how painful the blackouts can be. Granted, he made some statements in favour of Kalabagh Dam and the loss to the economy ensuing from its absence, that were first of all, too late and secondly they did not translate into action.

On Sunday, he stated that the blackouts, which have prolonged further coinciding with the departure of the PPP setup, are being stage-managed to tarnish the PPP’s image. Granted, Mr Mukhtar might be making a point but loadshedding, existing in its present horrible form is the result of years long neglect of the energy sector.

The PPP virtually did nothing and in fact apart from brushing off Kalabagh, arguably the best remedy, halted payments to the IPPs that now accounts for 20 hours long blackouts. But that is fait accompli. Its repercussions for the party and its electoral fortunes appear a foregone conclusion.