Many have lost their lives under article 38 of the constitution- Gasim

Gasim Ibrahim, Leader and Presidential candidate of Jumhooree Party has said that many people have lost their lives under the article 38 of the constitution.

Gasim made this remark speaking at the campaign rally of Jumhooree Party held at Meemu Atoll Mulee. He said that the article 38 is an oppressive article that was included in the constitution.

“Under that article you can be charged with crime and arrested because of the way you look at a top official of the government, because of speech you utter, because of a gesture you make. Many have lost their lives under that article,” he said.

Gasim, one of the most respected businessmen and philanthropist in the country with a strong populist following amongst the people, said that he has done lots of work to amend the article regardless of the dangers surrounding it during that time. He said that during the initial stages of the works for rectification he was the President of the Maldivian Traders Association.

Gasim said that he was the leading figure in works to establish democracy in the Maldives and he was the person to have spent the most for it. He said that he has done pivotal work to bring the green constitution for existence.

“It is for this reason that I am here seeking to be the President. I am here because I do not see that the democracy we established and the constitution we passed are being utilized. I am here because the people are not experiencing the sweetness of it,” Gasim, who was also the Speaker of the last Constitutional Assembly which passed the current Constitution of the Maldives, said.