Mengal concerned over EU Observers Mission

President Balochistan National Party Sardar Akhtar Mengal while terming regretful decision of European Union Observers Mission not to visit the province said that prevalent situation in the province was benefitting those sitting in check posts. They would not like Balochistan issue is resolved.

Speaking to Newsmen here Tuesday he said a news has been attributed to him asking those sitting mountains to lay down their arms. It is totally false.

Party leaders Dr Jahan Zeb Jamaldini, Sana Baloch, Malik Abdul Wali Kakar and others were also present.

He said who he was to appeal insurgents sitting in mountains to lay down their arms and come down. He said first government should unarm its people and death squads. If some people understand Balochistan issue has been resolved by decision of BNP to take part in elections they are wrong. Balochistan issue is political and economic. It will not be resolved at once.

He aid we had put six points before Election Commission. In addition another point was there. It was that a special team of observers should be sent to Balochistan which should monitor the polls. Still it is our demand. He said decision of cancelling visit to Balochistan by European Union Observer Mission. It is regrettable because observers mission from within the country and outside to monitor is necessary. He aid why European Union has decided not to send its observes to Balochistan. He said there also existed similar problems in Africa and Middle East countries and European Union sent its observers there.

He said his party has always waged political and democratic struggle for Baloch and Balochistan. He said his party has decided to participate in coming elections those allegations on Baloch undemocratic and terming them terrorists should be shown Baloch are peace democracy loving people. We cannot be force any one to come down from Mountains. We do hope we would also not be forced we should also climb on mountains.

Answering a question he said we never made any deal. No time left for alliance. However BNP was holding talks for seat adjustment with different parties.

He said agreements of Pak-Iran gas pipeline and handing over Gwadar Port to china were against the desire of Baloch nation. These agreements were reached during Governor rule. Desire of representatives of Balochistan people is also not included though they were so weak whatever they were asked they did. According to our information gas pipeline would go Sind and Punjab form Iran and its royalty would also go to Federation. FC would be guarding the pipeline and only pipeline would pass though the body of Baloch people and nothing else.

Akhtar Mengal demanded government should unarm its peo0le in Balochistan prior to general elections, death squads should be ended and observers should be called to Balochistan for monitoring these elections. Otherwise elections under prevalent situation would be fair nor free.