Nepalese, Indian soldiers to climb Mount Everest

The Indian and Nepalese army will carry out a joint-expedition to Mount Everest, marking 60 years of man's first ascent of the world's highest peak.

Nepal army chief Gaurav Shumsher Rana flagged off the expedition during a ceremony at the army headquarters here on Tuesday, reports Press Trust of India (PTI).

"The joint-expedition symbolizes age-old friendly relations between the armies of the two countries. This expedition will help in bringing them closer, increase their efficiency and boost their morale," he said.

The 20-member Indian team is led by Major Ranveer Singh Janwal while Lieutenant Sunil Singh Rathore will lead the 14-member Nepal team to scale the 8,848 meters high peak.

They will move to the Everest base camp on Thursday.

The teams will also take part in the "Campaign to Clean Everest' program and will also participate in a 60-km high altitude marathon race.

Earlier, Indian army chief Bikram Singh had flagged off the Indian team in Delhi on April 3.