Nõo Meat Industry: horsemeat find was a bad surprise

Manager of the Estonian Nõo Meat Industry Toomas Kruustük said that the announcement of the Latvian Veterinary Board that they found horsemeat from Nõo's Parmesan sausage came as a bad surprise, Äripäev Online reports.

"We discovered with surprise that such a thing is possible. We have conducted a test before and it has been completely in order, but now that has emerged. We are working on it now," said Kruustük. He added that they are expecting Veterinary Board Inspectors today who will look into the matter.

"I can say that much, that since February, when the horsemeat topic came on the agenda, we have asked for a guarantee letter from all of our suppliers - that they would write what there is. In this case, it is a meat amount from last year," Kruustük said, adding that the company is specifying the amount and the origin of the meat. He noted that the horsemeat may have come in a purchase of beef and most likely it wasn’t meat that had arrived with a guarantee letter.

Kruustük said that the sausage where horsemeat was found was produced for the Latvian market and it has been withdrawn from sale.

Latvian Veterinary Board homepage notes that they tested 41 meat producers in the UK and found horsemeat in 4 products, including 10% horsemeat in Nõo Meat Industry Parmesani sausage.