Opuwo Trade Fair Society raises N.dollars 45,925

The Opuwo Trade Fair Society raised N.dollars 45 925 from a gala dinner held here last Thursday.

The gala dinner was part of the launching of the registration period for those who want to partake in the second Opuwo Trade Fair, scheduled for 28 May-02 June this year.

Speaking during the gala dinner, the chairperson of the Kunene Regional Council’s management committee, Dudu Murorua called on people to start being innovative and to focus more on production and manufacturing.

“We should start manufacturing products, and take pride in products that would carry the name of our region, standing tall as “Made in the Kunene Region”, enthused Murorua.

The First National Bank (FNB) of Namibia pledged the highest amount of N.dollars 10 000 with a cheque handed over to the chairperson of the Opuwo Trade Fair Society, Alphons Tjitombo and Opuwo Town mayor Tuarungua Kavari.

The Kunene Regional Council, through Murorua, pledged an unannounced amount, but said it would be more than the pledge made by FNB.

There are 20 stands available for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and 60 stands for Government, corporates and all other people interested in participating in the Opuwo Trade Fair.