Palace appeals to Filipinos to pay proper taxes on time

Malacanang appealed to the Filipino citizenry to pay their taxes properly and on time as the deadline for the filing of income tax returns will be on Monday.

In a press briefing in Malacanang on Thursday, Secretary Ramon Carandang of the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office said the President and Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares have pointed out which segments of the society need to comply with paying the right taxes.

“This is a gentle reminder to all of them who should be paying the proper taxes to please pay your taxes, the proper amount, and file them on time,” Carandang said.

“At kung puwede, huwag natin hintayin until the last minute para hindi tayo nagmamadali at hindi tayo naha-hassle. We have several days to go before the deadline so, we urge people to try to beat the rush, and again, to pay the taxes," he said.

Carandang also said that with the reforms being initiated by the Aquino administration, the people’s taxes go to the right programs and that their money is being spent wisely.

“So we have no reason, at this point, to try to avoid taxes, and this is our contribution to making our country better,” Carandang added. “So please pay your taxes early, pay the proper amount, and rest assured that it’s going to the right places," he said.

If the Filipino people really want to effectively eliminate poverty, grow the economy and fight corruption, they should fund it through paying the proper taxes, Carandang said.