Power PM directs immediate measures to improve power situation in the country

Prime Minister has directed the Ministry of Water andamp; Power to take immediate measures to improve power situation and use all available resources to ensure power generation is optimized so that minimum load shedding is carried out in the country.

This direction was given by the Prime Minister Justice Retd Mir Hazar Khan Khoso while chairing a high level meeting to review the power generation plants in the country.

The meeting was called to discuss power situation in the country after the Prime Minister took cognizance of reports of excessive load shedding in the country, appearing in the media

The Additional Secretary, Ministry of Water andamp; Power Mr. Arshad Mirza informed the Prime Minister that the immediate cause of increase in load shedding was disruption of gas supply to Uch Power Plant because of sabotage.

The Prime Minister said that all necessary measures should be taken to ensure the power installations, transmission lines and power installations are fully secured throughout the country.

No installation should be left unattended and a security plan should be submitted spelling out detailed arrangements for their protection”, emphasized the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister was told that load shedding in urban areas was 1012 hours whereas in the rural and far flung areas it extended from 16 to 18 hours.

The Prime Minister expressed concern over the present situation and desired that there is a visible improvement in the situation which is possible through better management and resource mobilization.

The Prime Minister observed that though the prime responsibility of his government was to hold general elections in the country it was duty of the government to provide relief to the people and ensure that basic necessities like electricity are available to them.

The Prime Minister was told that power situation which had plunged two days back is now improving which he termed as encouraging

He has directed the Ministries of Water andamp; Power, Petroleum andamp; N.R, Interior and Finance to firm up short term and medium term plans with a view to minimize load shedding in the country so that normal routine life is affected the least.

He directed the M/o Water andamp; Power to ensure the implementation of the plan worked out by the government and assure that uninterrupted fuel is provided to thermal Power Plants .The Plan should be implemented in a manner that minimum load shedding is required and that there is no unannounced load shedding, he added.

The meeting was attended by senior officials of Prime Minister’s Secretariat, Ministries of Finance, Petroleum andamp; N.R and Water andamp; Power.