Readymade food

What do we serve when we have unannounced guests at tea time? Most of us would open our freezers, take out the ready-to-cook food like nuggets, shami kebabs, tender pops, chunks etc., defrost them and then cook them for just about 3-5 minutes and, a lavish hi-tea is ready to be served. This is how it is for most of us now-a-days.

Ready-to-cook or half cooked frozen food is gradually becoming a substitute for the home cooked meals. It just seems so convenient to prepare gravy for the meal and put in readymade meat balls, different types of kebabs etc.

It takes less time and you do not have to do the hard work of preparing those kebabs or nuggets etc. Even French fries are now available in the ready-to-cook menus. All these instant foods are a blessing for those who have their hands full with the fast pace of life but their excessive use can be harmful for health.

Most of the instant food brands have a high quality of calories but in order to give them a longer shelf-life, the addition of preservatives in these foods is a necessity that cannot be avoided.

These preservatives, if taken on a regular basis, can result in the increased level of sodium in the consumer’s body that can lead to high blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiac problems, kidney failures etc.

We, as consumers of instant food should understand that they should be used in moderate way but we should not make it a habit to have instantly cooked food regularly.