Warning against Azerbaijan made at Iranian Parliament

Victoria Dementeva; "We as the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (the Parliament) warn the Baku leaders that if they don't desist from their vicious acts, we will revise the two disgraceful and imposed treaties of Golestan and Turkmenchay in the parliament," representative of Azeri-language speaking Oroumiyeh Nader Qazipour said at an open session of the parliament, APA reports quoting FARS News Agency.

A senior Iranian legislator warned the Azeri government to avoid any further mischievous acts “against Tehran” or wait for the approval of a parliament bill by Iran which would require the government to revise the Turkmenchay treaty. He also said that if a referendum is held among the Azeri residents of those cities which have been separated from Iran based on the Golestan and Turkmenchay treaties, the people of those areas will vote for their territories being annexed to Iran again.