Bishkek conference to review scenarios of situation development in Afghanistan and threats for Central Asia

Kyrgyzstan plans to hold the international conference in Bishkek on prospects of development of situation and security threats for Central Asia in connection with withdrawal of ISAF troops in September 2013, Parliament Speaker Asilbek Jeenbekov said at the session of the CSTO Parliamentary Assembly Council in St. Petersburg.

The CSTO PA Council reviewed the political situation in Afghanistan on the eve of the presidential elections.

Kyrgyzstan welcomes the intention of the Afghan authorities to hold free, fair and transparent elections in 2014, which will become a basis for further stable development of Afghanistan.

Involvement of Afghanistan into regional cooperation and expansion of commercial and economic relations with the neighboring states is a key condition for further sustainable development of Afghanistan, peace and trust building in the region, Speaker Jeenbekov said.

Kyrgyzstan is ready to make its contribution into peaceful reconstruction and development of Afghanistan. The country will hold the international conference on Afghanistan in connection with this.

As CSTO Chairmanship, Kyrgyzstan proposes to intensify a high-level dialogue and cooperation on security in Afghanistan and region on the whole, promotion of a prompt exchange of information, creation of collective mechanisms and elaboration of efficient measures to counter international terrorism and drug trafficking.

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